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Thanksgiving Proclamations and President Hoover

by Matthew Schaefer In addition to the White House tradition of spending Thanksgiving as a quiet day with the family, Herbert Hoover tended to the ceremonial aspect of his official duty by issuing a Thanksgiving Proclamation.  This tradition dates back … Continue reading

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President Hoover and Football

by Matthew Schaefer Somehow, I’ve written more than once about Herbert Hoover and football without consulting the two folders on ‘Football, 1929-1932’ in Hoover’s Presidential Subject Files.   This is written in order to rectify that oversight.  These files contain a … Continue reading

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What Will Be Your Legacy?

This piece was written by George Schaefer, for use at a corporate retreat with the theme ‘Building a Legacy of Success.’  He used this story to convey what it takes to create and sustain a legacy.  It is used here … Continue reading

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Herbert Hoover on the Importance of Voting

by Matthew Schaefer Sometimes history loops back on itself and offers timely advice for the present and for the future.  In a reply to a press inquiry, October 5, 1953, former President Herbert Hoover offered advice that needs no further … Continue reading

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Four Score and Seven Years Ago

by Matthew Schaefer This has to do with the Stock Market Crash of 1929.   Four score and seven years ago [give or take a year], the America nation was rocked by a series of crashes in the stock market.  … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Some Football?

by Matthew Schaefer From the time he was a Stanford student, Hoover was a fan of football.  In his memoirs, Hoover plays up his role as the financial manager of the Stanford football team that won ‘The Big Game’ against … Continue reading

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Mum’s Summer Camp Blues

Matthew Schaefer Mothers know all too well the familiar refrain after sending their son to summer camp: ‘You never call. You never write.’  Lou Henry Hoover was no exception.  When her seventeen year-old son Allan went off to spend August … Continue reading

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Home Improvements at Camp Rapidan

by Matthew Schaefer Even before entering the White House, the Hoovers determined that they would need to escape Washington DC’s notorious summer heat and humidity.  Given their love of the outdoors, the Hoovers’ purchase and development of a summer camp … Continue reading

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Old Timers’ Day, New York Yankees Stadium, August 8, 1959

Herbert Hoover was a lifelong fan of baseball, not just major league baseball, but baseball of all kinds.  Hoover played the game as a youth, tried out for the Stanford team while in college, and championed baseball as the ideal … Continue reading

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Days of Reckoning-Herbert Hoover’s Birthdays at age 80+

by Matthew Schaeffer Many years after Hoover left the White House, he became a respected elder statesman.  Hoover relished this role, giving advice to Democrats and Republicans alike as he entered his eighties.  At this late stage of his life, … Continue reading

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