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National Archives and Herbert Hoover

by: Matthew Schaefer It should come as no surprise that Herbert Hoover gave thought to the nature and operation of the National Archives.  When World War I was winding down, Hoover [in addition to work with Wilson at the Paris … Continue reading

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Traditional Links: Father’s Day & Golf

by Hunter Staskevich, Intern Father’s Day is coming up and thoughts turn to grilling out and a round of golf. Here at the Hoover, work continues as normal but these reflections came to mind while answering a reference question on Hugh … Continue reading

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Rites of Spring: June Edition

By Matthew Schaefer Just as spring follows winter and Mother’s day follows Easter, every June brings graduation ceremonies.  This particular rite of passage is familiar to all.  Those about to graduate don the requisite cap and gown. Friends and family … Continue reading

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Spring Diversions

by Matthew Schaefer Every spring, certain recursive features appear on the American landscape—crocuses, April showers, Easter bonnets, and elders addressing students on college campuses.  On May 16th 1920, Lou Henry Hoover made her contribution to this annual tradition, giving a … Continue reading

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  At 11:40 am on Monday September 12, 1921 Lou Henry Hoover began a 3,945 mile cross country trip from Palo Alto, California to Washington, D.C. Ostensibly, this was a trip to move the family’s Cadillac to D.C. Its deeper … Continue reading

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Once upon a time in America

Once upon a time in America, elections, even the most bitterly contested elections, included high flying rhetoric and deeply held principles to counter balance the general mud-slinging.  One such election was held in the fall of 1932.  Incumbent President Herbert … Continue reading

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First Ladies and Presidential Campaigns

Traditionally the First Lady of the United States stays above the fray during campaign season, not wanting to sully the office in the mire of hand-to-hand politicking.  This year Michelle Obama has ventured into the public sphere, acting as a … Continue reading

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Comparing Candidates Careers, 1928

  There is a long tradition of proxies stumping for their candidate using whatever tools come to hand.  In 1928, Archie Rice, a Stanford classmate of Herbert Hoover, produced a small flyer advocating for Hoover based on summary biographies comparing … Continue reading

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Microphone Malfunctions and Campaigns

In the wake of the recent Presidential debate, Republican candidate Donald Trump pointed to a malfunctioning microphone and spotty sound system as one of the reasons his voice was not heard.  This Hoover archivist was reminded of a previous episode … Continue reading

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Boys of Summer and the Fall Classic

As the calendar turns from September to October, baseball fans’ thoughts turn to the World Series.  Fans in Boston, Washington, Cleveland and on the north side of Chicago, cross their fingers and hope that this will be their year.  Long-suffering … Continue reading

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