Presidents and Engineers

Herbert Hoover mining in possibly Australia or South Africa, ca. 1900. America celebrates National Engineering Week each February in the week containing February 22nd, George Washington’s birthday.  Washington, who used engineering skills while surveying land on the frontier, is an apt President on which to hang this celebration of engineering.  Other Presidents who’d merit consideration … Continue reading Presidents and Engineers

Sometimes a Man Just Wants a Good Cigar

Matthew Schaefer Sometimes, for an archivist, what you learn while looking up other things is more interesting than the original topic.  Recently a patron sought information on Herbert Hoover’s dealings with Cuba.  I found the ‘usual suspects’ for a food administrator, Commerce Secretary and President and his relations with our nearest non-contiguous neighbor.  But it … Continue reading Sometimes a Man Just Wants a Good Cigar

A Letter from a King

by Spencer Howard One of the most interesting documents at the Hoover Library is a handwritten, five-page personal letter from King Albert of Belgium to Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover. A transcript of the entire letter can be found at King Albert wrote to ask Hoover to intervene with the U.S. Shipping Board on behalf … Continue reading A Letter from a King

Lou Henry Hoover’s Eulogy for Lindon Bates, Jr.

by Matthew Schaefer Lou Henry Hoover read her eulogy for Lindon Bates, Jr. at a memorial service held in early June 1915 at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.  Bates went down with the sinking of the Lusitania on May 7, 1915.  Hundreds attended his memorial service.  Many prominent figures spoke: the President of the borough of … Continue reading Lou Henry Hoover’s Eulogy for Lindon Bates, Jr.

Bleeding Heart and Lily

by Matthew Schaefer The relationship between successive Presidents can sometimes be contentious regardless of political affiliation.  These relationships have been given due attention by historians.  The relationship between successive First Ladies has garnered far less attention, as historians have focused attention on First Ladies individually. The relationship between Grace Coolidge and Lou Henry Hoover merits … Continue reading Bleeding Heart and Lily

Women’s Place in the Present Emergency

by Hoover Archivist, Matthew Schaefer In honor of First Lady Lou Henry Hoover's birthday, March 29, 1874 At 5:15 in the evening of Sunday, November 27th, 1932, First Lady Lou Hoover gave an address, ‘Women’s Place in the Present Emergency,’ over the NBC national radio network.  The speech was part of a series of weekly … Continue reading Women’s Place in the Present Emergency

Herbert Hoover and the Centennial of American Entry into World War I: Episode II

By: Matthew Schaefer, Hoover Archivist The meeting of the Iowa World War I Centennial Committee reminded this Hoover archivist that it was time to pen the monthly installment of the Herbert Hoover saga.  When we left, Hoover was struggling to raise funds in America for the Commission for Relief in Belgium.  German submarines were exacting … Continue reading Herbert Hoover and the Centennial of American Entry into World War I: Episode II