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Lincoln Portrait Fraud

by, Spencer Howard The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum presented a program by art conservator Barry Bauman entitled “The Demise of Mary Lincoln: An Artistic Conspiracy.” In short, Mr. Bauman discovered that a painting that had hung for years in … Continue reading

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Tempest in a Teapot – Lou Henry Hoover and the DePriest Tea Incident

By: Spencer Howard When Lou Henry Hoover became First Lady in 1929, one of her main responsibilities was to coordinate the social functions at the White House, and the first major event on her agenda was to invite the wives … Continue reading

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Hoover Field – Washington DC’s First Airport

The inauguration of the first air passenger service between Washington DC and Philadelphia on July 16, 1926 was a major milestone in the development of the nation’s capital, and of unusual personal significance for Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover.  Not … Continue reading

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Herbert Hoover, President-Elect – a Florida vacation

In January 1929, President-Elect Herbert Hoover returned from his seven-week trip to Latin America and began preparing for the Inauguration.  (At that time Inauguration Day was March 4, so he had an extra six weeks to work with.)  After a … Continue reading

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The Papers of Rose Wilder Lane

Presidential Libraries are not libraries in the usual sense. They are archives and museums, bringing together in one place the documents and artifacts of a President and his administration and presenting them to the public for study and discussion.  Like … Continue reading

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Hoover on Immigration

There is a widespread but unfounded myth that President Hoover ordered the deportation or “repatriation” of large numbers of Hispanics, primarily Mexicans, during his administration (1929-1933).   “Deportation” is the legal process for formally expelling a non-citizen from the United States; … Continue reading

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Nominating a Candidate

 – the 1928 Republican National Convention In June 1928, Republican Party held its quadrennial convention to nominate candidates for President and Vice President of the United States.  Before the primaries and caucuses had begun, there was one candidate who enjoyed … Continue reading

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“The First Lady of the Law”

– Mabel Walker Willebrandt For much of the Prohibition Era (1920-1933), the most prominent Prohibition enforcement official was also the highest ranking woman in three presidential administrations — Assistant Attorney General Mabel Walker Willebrandt.  Appointed by President Harding in 1921, … Continue reading

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Law of the Land

When President Herbert Hoover entered the White House in 1929, Prohibition was the law of the land.  For decades, social reformers – at first mostly women – had argued that alcohol was a scourge on society, linked to wife-beating and … Continue reading

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A Non-Political – and Entirely Political – Supreme Court Appointment

On January 12, 1932, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. submitted his resignation to President Herbert Hoover, citing ill health and age.  At 91 years old, he noted, “the time has come, and I bow to the inevitable.”  In … Continue reading

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