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I am the director at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum.

Badges, “Buttons”, and Royal Visits

By Thomas F. Schwartz Royal visits to the United States are always complicated affairs, especially when things do not go according to plans.  Such was the case in 1919 when the King and Queen of Belgium were invited by Congressional … Continue reading

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White House Staff Remember Lou

By Thomas F. Schwartz, Director A genre of writing concerns the memoirs of domestic White House staff.  Personal secretaries, head butlers, maids, and secret service who live round the clock with the President, First Lady, and First Family see and … Continue reading

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A Boy Named Herbert Hoover

By Thomas F. Schwartz On March 30, 1932, a letter was sent to President Herbert Hoover from a young boy in Jackson, Tennessee along with a photograph.  Perhaps his first letter ever written to a President, the young man wrote: … Continue reading

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Not a Croc: The Hoover Alligators

By Thomas F. Schwartz One of the great Hanna-Barbera cartoons was Wally Gator that ran from 1962 through 1963.  The vocal talents of Daws Butler, best known as the voice of Yogi Bear, made Wally Gator the alligator counterpart of … Continue reading

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When a Mole is not a Mole.

By Thomas F. Schwartz The most common association with the word “mole” is a skin blemish that most of us sport on some part of our anatomy.  Those more attuned to popular culture may also think of the hip hop … Continue reading

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The Value of Knowing Your Birthday

By Thomas F. Schwartz Most people have forgotten the days when you were born at home, often married at home, and had your wake and funeral at home.  These significant events were of importance to immediate family members and their … Continue reading

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Shakespeare, Hoover, and Calvin Hoffman

By Thomas F. Schwartz William Shakespeare remains one of the most studied individuals in world history.  Among the many writers about the Bard of Avon, James Shapiro, the Larry Miller Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, explores … Continue reading

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An Appeal to President Hoover to Prevent Putting Lincoln on the Couch

By Thomas F. Schwartz Although Abraham Lincoln predates Sigmund Freud, the Illinois lawyer did write to famed Cincinnati physician Dr. Daniel Drake for help during his emotional crisis of “the hypo” in 1841.  If Drake replied to Lincoln’s letter, it … Continue reading

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Sources of Hoover’s Conservative Thought

by Thomas Schwartz George N. Nash, the foremost biographer of Herbert Hoover and historian of American conservative thought, wrote: “Often is seems that Herbert Hoover is the Rodney Dangerfield of American politics: He gets no respect.” This is especially true … Continue reading

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Mary Roberts Rinehart, Queen of the Mystery Novels

by Thomas Schwartz Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover shared an interest in mystery novels. Popular mystery writers appear with frequency among the titles in their personal library, especially at Camp Rapidan. One of the first women to excel in the … Continue reading

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