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I am the director at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum.

Feng shui at the White House

By Thomas F. Schwartz A popular approach to room design is feng shui, or creating the right harmony between the room, the furnishings, and the people who use the space.  When Herbert and Lou Hoover moved into the White House … Continue reading

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“What a wonderful panorama!” Lou Henry Hoover’s idea for picturing America.

By Thomas F. Schwartz Before the invention of IMAX projection and Circle Vision 360, the viewing public was dazzled by panoramic paintings called cycloramas.  Dating from 1787 and reaching its height of popularity by 1900, cycloramas depicted beautiful landscapes or … Continue reading

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Preventing Tragedy and Statistics

By Thomas F. Schwartz It is easy to overlook the significance of Herbert Hoover’s food relief efforts by looking merely at numbers.  The precise number of people Hoover saved from starvation remains murky but most scholars agree it is in … Continue reading

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Hoover’s November 5, 1938 Address Inspires A Political Cartoon

By Thomas F. Schwartz In an address delivered to a joint Republican organizations in Spokane, Washington, November 5, 1938, former president Herbert Hoover rebutted President Franklin Roosevelt’s claim of “his success in creating economic stability, prosperity and security for the … Continue reading

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Hoover and His Young Advisors

By Thomas F. Schwartz Presidents receive endless unsolicited advice on what to do and how to do it.  Modern Presidents, even with the most vigilant staff, cannot prevent unsolicited advice from reaching their boss, especially in open public settings.  Hoover … Continue reading

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The Oval Office Roasting on a 1929 Christmas Fire

By Thomas F. Schwartz A previous blog described Christmas gifts Lou Henry Hoover gave to people in 1930.  Made from century-old pine beams original to the White House and removed in the 1927 renovation by Calvin Coolidge, some of the … Continue reading

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From Plenty to Thrift

By Thomas F. Schwartz Many families in the United States are fortunate enough to celebrate the holidays with a plethora of food.  At a time of gift-giving and worrying about expanding waistlines, we often forget about the needy and hungry … Continue reading

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Badges, “Buttons”, and Royal Visits

By Thomas F. Schwartz Royal visits to the United States are always complicated affairs, especially when things do not go according to plans.  Such was the case in 1919 when the King and Queen of Belgium were invited by Congressional … Continue reading

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White House Staff Remember Lou

By Thomas F. Schwartz, Director A genre of writing concerns the memoirs of domestic White House staff.  Personal secretaries, head butlers, maids, and secret service who live round the clock with the President, First Lady, and First Family see and … Continue reading

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A Boy Named Herbert Hoover

By Thomas F. Schwartz On March 30, 1932, a letter was sent to President Herbert Hoover from a young boy in Jackson, Tennessee along with a photograph.  Perhaps his first letter ever written to a President, the young man wrote: … Continue reading

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