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Rites of Spring: Lou Henry Hoover’s Commencement Address at Stanford, 1941

While on the subject [howsoever narrow] of Hoovers speaking at Stanford commencements, I would be remiss not to note that Lou Henry Hoover contributed to the oeuvre.   Lou Henry Hoover was one of three speakers tapped to address the graduates … Continue reading

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Rites of Spring: June Edition

By Matthew Schaefer Just as spring follows winter and Mother’s day follows Easter, every June brings graduation ceremonies.  This particular rite of passage is familiar to all.  Those about to graduate don the requisite cap and gown. Friends and family … Continue reading

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Spring Diversions

by Matthew Schaefer Every spring, certain recursive features appear on the American landscape—crocuses, April showers, Easter bonnets, and elders addressing students on college campuses.  On May 16th 1920, Lou Henry Hoover made her contribution to this annual tradition, giving a … Continue reading

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