King Neptune Ceremony

The United States Navy has long stood on traditions.  These traditions reinforce the discipline needed to keep the crew’s morale high and their mission focused.  One such tradition is the King Neptune ceremony when crossing the equator aboard ship.  An experienced sailor dresses as Neptune; another cross-dresses as Queen Amphitrite, a third appears as Davy … Continue reading King Neptune Ceremony

Herbert Hoover’s Good Will Tour – by Battleship

When Herbert Hoover was elected President in 1928, long-distance air travel was still in the future – Franklin Roosevelt would become the first President to travel internationally by air.  Hoover left the continental U.S. twice – first, as President-Elect in 1928, he traveled to Latin America on a "Good Will Tour," then in 1931 he … Continue reading Herbert Hoover’s Good Will Tour – by Battleship