Hoover Fishing Stories—As Told by Calvin Albury

In an April 1967 oral history with Ray Henle, Florida fishing guide, Calvin Albury, recalled his time fishing with Herbert Hoover.  Albury first met Hoover in December 1948 at the Key Largo Anglers Club.  Hoover needed a new guide for fishing off the Florida Keys.  He said to Albury: ‘It looks like I’m going to … Continue reading Hoover Fishing Stories—As Told by Calvin Albury

Fishing Presidents and Candidates

By Thomas F. Schwartz One of Herbert Hoover’s last books had nothing to do with politics or global issues.  Rather it was a meditation on fishing.  Fishing for Fun and to Wash Your Soul (1963) contains a chapter entitled “Fishing Presidents and Candidates” that offers both a wonderful glimpse into Hoover’s understated humor and his … Continue reading Fishing Presidents and Candidates

Oil and Water Part II

By Thomas F. Schwartz In response to receiving an inscribed copy of Herbert Hoover’s Fishing for Fun, Arthur Beeby-Thompson sent his friend a lengthy “thank you” on May 10, 1963, recalling many memorable fishing experiences in his world travels.                “It was indeed a pleasant surprise to receive ‘Fishing for Fun’ with your friendly wishes.  … Continue reading Oil and Water Part II

Fish Story

by Matthew Schaefer While re-processing the personal papers of Senator Bourke Hickenlooper, I came across a folder labeled ‘Fish, 1954-1966.’  This was an odd title, and less descriptive than one would hope.  Being a curious cat, I further investigated this fishy folder.  It contained dozens of letters, newspaper clippings, receipts and photographs documenting Hickenlooper’s landing … Continue reading Fish Story

Herbert Hoover and Fishing

  Herbert Hoover's lifelong passion for fishing is well-known.  For no other President has a biographer written a 350-page book subtitled, The Fishing President, as Hal Elliott Wert has done for Hoover. In this book, Wert describes Hoover's fishing exploits and expeditions from age 8 to age 88.  Young Bert Hoover pulled a ‘record’ twelve inch … Continue reading Herbert Hoover and Fishing

Herbert Hoover, President-Elect – a Florida vacation

by Spencer Howard In January 1929, President-Elect Herbert Hoover returned from his seven-week trip to Latin America and began preparing for the Inauguration.  (At that time Inauguration Day was March 4, so he had an extra six weeks to work with.)  After a couple of weeks in Washington DC during which he chose most of … Continue reading Herbert Hoover, President-Elect – a Florida vacation