Fishing Presidents and Candidates

By Thomas F. Schwartz One of Herbert Hoover’s last books had nothing to do with politics or global issues.  Rather it was a meditation on fishing.  Fishing for Fun and to Wash Your Soul (1963) contains a chapter entitled “Fishing Presidents and Candidates” that offers both a wonderful glimpse into Hoover’s understated humor and his … Continue reading Fishing Presidents and Candidates

Oil and Water Part II

By Thomas F. Schwartz In response to receiving an inscribed copy of Herbert Hoover’s Fishing for Fun, Arthur Beeby-Thompson sent his friend a lengthy “thank you” on May 10, 1963, recalling many memorable fishing experiences in his world travels.                “It was indeed a pleasant surprise to receive ‘Fishing for Fun’ with your friendly wishes.  … Continue reading Oil and Water Part II

Fish Story

by Matthew Schaefer While re-processing the personal papers of Senator Bourke Hickenlooper, I came across a folder labeled ‘Fish, 1954-1966.’  This was an odd title, and less descriptive than one would hope.  Being a curious cat, I further investigated this fishy folder.  It contained dozens of letters, newspaper clippings, receipts and photographs documenting Hickenlooper’s landing … Continue reading Fish Story

Herbert Hoover and Fishing

  Herbert Hoover's lifelong passion for fishing is well-known.  For no other President has a biographer written a 350-page book subtitled, The Fishing President, as Hal Elliott Wert has done for Hoover. In this book, Wert describes Hoover's fishing exploits and expeditions from age 8 to age 88.  Young Bert Hoover pulled a ‘record’ twelve inch … Continue reading Herbert Hoover and Fishing

Herbert Hoover, President-Elect – a Florida vacation

In January 1929, President-Elect Herbert Hoover returned from his seven-week trip to Latin America and began preparing for the Inauguration.  (At that time Inauguration Day was March 4, so he had an extra six weeks to work with.)  After a couple of weeks in Washington DC during which he chose most of his Cabinet, Hoover … Continue reading Herbert Hoover, President-Elect – a Florida vacation