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Tempest in a Teapot – Lou Henry Hoover and the DePriest Tea Incident

By: Spencer Howard When Lou Henry Hoover became First Lady in 1929, one of her main responsibilities was to coordinate the social functions at the White House, and the first major event on her agenda was to invite the wives … Continue reading

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The Politics of Personal Destruction

The eminent Hoover biographer, George Nash, describes Charles Michelson as “the Democratic Party’s chief publicist and spin-meister,” who, during the Hoover Administration, “orchestrated an unremitting barrage of disparagement of Hoover’s shortcomings: a foretaste of what later generations would call “the … Continue reading

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White House ‘Musicales’

The Hoovers continued the tradition, which began during the Theodore Roosevelt administration, of sponsoring concerts or “musicales” at the White House, usually following important dinners or receptions. The Hoovers’ tastes, and therefore the programming, tended toward classical music. Some of … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Nominations

As President, Herbert Hoover had the opportunity to nominate three justices to the Supreme Court. In early 1930, Chief Justice William Howard Taft resigned due to ill health, and to replace him Hoover nominated Charles Evans Hughes. Hughes was clearly … Continue reading

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Recollections Of A Piece of Wood 1930

One of the many improvements to the White House was undertaken by President Calvin Coolidge.  In 1927, Coolidge replaced 100-year-old pine beams with an expanded third floor using a steel frame.  Of the most under-appreciated endeavors of First Lady Lou … Continue reading

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Movie Night at the White House

Like many of their generation, Herbert and Lou Hoover were fascinated by motion pictures. They lived at a time when film evolved from its infancy into a mature industry. Silent pictures were often enhanced by a piano, theatre organ accompaniment … Continue reading

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