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Lincoln Portrait Fraud

by, Spencer Howard The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum presented a program by art conservator Barry Bauman entitled “The Demise of Mary Lincoln: An Artistic Conspiracy.” In short, Mr. Bauman discovered that a painting that had hung for years in … Continue reading

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“I’ve never accepted compensation…for federal service…”

by Thomas Schwartz In a recent CBS 60 Minutes interview, president-elect Donald Trump told Lesley Stahl, “I’m not going to take the salary.  I’m not taking it.”  The annual salary of the President of the United States is currently $400,000 … Continue reading

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Hoover on Immigration

There is a widespread but unfounded myth that President Hoover ordered the deportation or “repatriation” of large numbers of Hispanics, primarily Mexicans, during his administration (1929-1933).   “Deportation” is the legal process for formally expelling a non-citizen from the United States; … Continue reading

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Hoover and the Teleprompter

A stereotype frequently attributed to Herbert Hoover is that he was cold and aloof. He did not have an official White House photographer (that would come with his successor, Franklin D. Roosevelt) and refused to have his family and private … Continue reading

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Herbert Hoover in the White House

Author Charles Rappleye is an award-winning investigative journalist and editor. He has written extensively on media, law enforcement, and organized crime. The author of Sons of Providence: The Brown Brothers, the Slave Trade, and the American Revolution; Robert Morris: Financier of … Continue reading

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Law of the Land

When President Herbert Hoover entered the White House in 1929, Prohibition was the law of the land.  For decades, social reformers – at first mostly women – had argued that alcohol was a scourge on society, linked to wife-beating and … Continue reading

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Caribbean Vacation

In March, 1931, Herbert Hoover decided to take a Caribbean cruise. He had taken only one brief vacation during the first two years of his Presidency, and badly needed some rest. The battleship Arizona had just finished a two year … Continue reading

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A Non-Political – and Entirely Political – Supreme Court Appointment

On January 12, 1932, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. submitted his resignation to President Herbert Hoover, citing ill health and age.  At 91 years old, he noted, “the time has come, and I bow to the inevitable.”  In … Continue reading

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Inauguration Report

  Seventy-three years ago this week Herbert Hoover was inaugurated as the 31st President of the United States on March 4, 1929. The basic facts are well known: it was a rainy day; the major topics of Hoover’s inaugural address … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Nominations

As President, Herbert Hoover had the opportunity to nominate three justices to the Supreme Court. In early 1930, Chief Justice William Howard Taft resigned due to ill health, and to replace him Hoover nominated Charles Evans Hughes. Hughes was clearly … Continue reading

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