United States Food Administration poster.

A Recipe Idea for Meatless Monday

By Thomas F. Schwartz As a previous blog post indicated, Americans who signed the pledge to conserve food were encouraged to forgo meat at one meal each day and on Tuesday, the entire day.  On Monday, supper was the designated meal to be meatless.  In Hoover’s day, breakfast was the first meal of the day … Continue reading A Recipe Idea for Meatless Monday

The Original Meatless Monday

By Thomas F. Schwartz A recent opinion piece advocated for the return of meatless Monday as a way of addressing climate change.  Certain animals release methane, a greenhouse-gas that adversely impacts the ozone.  Foregoing meat on Monday, according to the editorial board, would help the environment.  This view is hardly new.  A website was launched … Continue reading The Original Meatless Monday

Practical War-Pig Plan

  When people think of the home front during a world war, the rationing of food and gasoline immediately come to mind.  But rationing was a feature of World War II, not World War I.  Herbert Hoover as head of the United States Food Administration was able to get Americans to voluntarily reduce their consumption … Continue reading Practical War-Pig Plan