Trans-Andean Rail Trip

The Hoovers tour down the west coast of South America took them to Valparaiso Chile on the battleship USS Maryland by December 11th.  Then, rather than taking the eleven day trip around the southern edge of the continent to the east coast, they took the Transandine railroad from Chile to Buenos Aires.  This reduced travel … Continue reading Trans-Andean Rail Trip

West Union, Iowa Women’s Club Program, 1929

Anna Phillips, of West Union, Iowa, wrote to Mrs. Herbert Hoover on October 4, 1929: ‘We small town folk of Iowa, are trying eagerly to gather authentic information about some of the policies President Hoover is bringing to public attention….  Our Woman’s Club has an October 23rd program discussing Our President and His South American … Continue reading West Union, Iowa Women’s Club Program, 1929

Movie: Tempest

Watching Movies on a Battleship

By Thomas F. Schwartz Having just watched the academy awards, it is appropriate to ask if Herbert Hoover was a film buff.  The simple answer is “yes!”  As Secretary of Commerce, Hoover helped promote the emerging U.S. film industry at home and abroad.  He was good friends with studio mogul Louis B. Mayer of MGM … Continue reading Watching Movies on a Battleship

Gifts to the Hoovers

As the Hoovers toured Latin America, they were feted with lavish dinners and receptions by heads of state and other dignitaries.  At these events the Hoovers were usually given a memento to mark the occasion.  By the time the Hoovers reached Chile, these mementos had grown so numerous that it was decided to ship them … Continue reading Gifts to the Hoovers

The Good Will Tour – a Journalist’s Adventure

Rodney Dutcher was one of 27 journalists who accompanied President-Elect Herbert Hoover on his "Good Will Tour" of Latin America in November and December 1928.  Dutcher was a bureau manager and political columnist for the Newspaper Enterprise Association, one of the big news syndicates that served 850 U.S. newspapers.  As published for a much smaller … Continue reading The Good Will Tour – a Journalist’s Adventure

“Viva Hoover” exhibit – but what’s that thing that looks like a clock?

A number of visitors to the temporary exhibit "Viva Hoover!  The 1928 Goodwill Tour"have asked about one of the large photographs of the battleship USS Maryland -- what is that clock-like thing on the mast? It's a device called a "range clock," and you will see it in pictures of battleships from World War I … Continue reading “Viva Hoover” exhibit – but what’s that thing that looks like a clock?