Thanksgiving Proclamation-Arkansas, 1931

The early 1930s were not good years for Arkansas.  Parts of the state were still struggling to recover from the massive Mississippi River Flood of 1927.  Arkansas was also at the center of a severe drought in 1930 which withered crops in the field, leading to a devastatingly bad harvest.  Crop failures led to widespread … Continue reading Thanksgiving Proclamation-Arkansas, 1931

Thanksgiving Proclamations and President Hoover

by Matthew Schaefer In addition to the White House tradition of spending Thanksgiving as a quiet day with the family, Herbert Hoover tended to the ceremonial aspect of his official duty by issuing a Thanksgiving Proclamation.  This tradition dates back to George Washington, and most Presidents hew to a predictable script—invoking forefathers, thanking God, and … Continue reading Thanksgiving Proclamations and President Hoover