Hoover Fishing Stories—As Told by Calvin Albury

In an April 1967 oral history with Ray Henle, Florida fishing guide, Calvin Albury, recalled his time fishing with Herbert Hoover.  Albury first met Hoover in December 1948 at the Key Largo Anglers Club.  Hoover needed a new guide for fishing off the Florida Keys.  He said to Albury: ‘It looks like I’m going to … Continue reading Hoover Fishing Stories—As Told by Calvin Albury

Campaign Graphic Novels

High Jacked, Doctored Photographs, and Authentic Speeches from the 1928 Campaign By Thomas F. Schwartz Few people will recognize the name Edward Anthony today.  A writer for major newspapers and popular magazines, his career spanned four decades and included a stint working for Herbert Hoover’s 1928 presidential campaign.  In an entertaining published recollection, This Is … Continue reading Campaign Graphic Novels

President Hoover and the Fourth of July

Earlier this month a researcher asked: ‘What did President Hoover do on the Fourth of July?’ This question had never been put to me, so my answer was: ‘I don’t know; I’ll get back to you.’  A quick review of Hoover’s calendar and his Public Papers was revealing. July 4th, 1929 fell on a Thursday, … Continue reading President Hoover and the Fourth of July

Better Living through Home Ownership

June is National Homeownership Month. It was initially National Homeownership week, established by President Bill Clinton in 1995. President George W. Bush first proclaimed National Homeownership month in 2002. While a whole month to recognize owning a home is less than twenty years old, the roots of celebrating home ownership with a day, a week, … Continue reading Better Living through Home Ownership

Fishing Presidents and Candidates

By Thomas F. Schwartz One of Herbert Hoover’s last books had nothing to do with politics or global issues.  Rather it was a meditation on fishing.  Fishing for Fun and to Wash Your Soul (1963) contains a chapter entitled “Fishing Presidents and Candidates” that offers both a wonderful glimpse into Hoover’s understated humor and his … Continue reading Fishing Presidents and Candidates

Hoover’s Gifts from the South American Trip

The current temporary exhibit at the Hoover Library, ‘Viva Hoover!’ showcases more than twenty gifts given to the Hoovers as they made their goodwill tour of Latin America in late 1928.  Among the items exhibited are: photo albums, books, gold medals and medallions, silver trays and platters, ornately carved chests inlaid with tortoiseshell, ivory and … Continue reading Hoover’s Gifts from the South American Trip

Graduations that Never Happened — Herbert Hoover

During his lifetime, Herbert Hoover earned a Bachelors degree in geology from Stanford University and was awarded more than 80 honorary degrees from Universities around the world for his many humanitarian efforts.  One distinction he never earned, however, was a high school diploma. As a child, Hoover attended the local school in his hometown of … Continue reading Graduations that Never Happened — Herbert Hoover

Hoover and 20th Century Presidents: Harry Truman

A recent reference inquiry reminded me of one my earliest projects at the Hoover Library.  A researcher wanted to know if any website still hosted the documentary history of the Hoover-Truman relationship.  I’d been part of a team that scanned these documents for the web, but I hadn’t noticed that the links were dead.  The … Continue reading Hoover and 20th Century Presidents: Harry Truman

Too Young to Vote But Not to Endorse

By Thomas F. Schwartz, PhD Often overlooked in most biographies of Herbert Hoover is his affinity for children and their affection for him.  His tireless advocacy of feeding and caring for children in times of war and famine abroad as well as his efforts to support the domestic welfare of children through legislation and organizations … Continue reading Too Young to Vote But Not to Endorse

Trans-Andean Rail Trip

The Hoovers tour down the west coast of South America took them to Valparaiso Chile on the battleship USS Maryland by December 11th.  Then, rather than taking the eleven day trip around the southern edge of the continent to the east coast, they took the Transandine railroad from Chile to Buenos Aires.  This reduced travel … Continue reading Trans-Andean Rail Trip