Hoover and Postwar Humor

President Harry Truman and former President Herbert Hoover, 06/17/1947.(HHPL-M image #31-1947-30). The defeat of the Axis Powers in World War II did not usher an era of peace.  Rather, decades of unease between the United States and the Soviet Union characterized the postwar world.  This period would be termed the Cold War—the absence of direct … Continue reading Hoover and Postwar Humor

Hoover and 20th Century Presidents: Harry Truman

A recent reference inquiry reminded me of one my earliest projects at the Hoover Library.  A researcher wanted to know if any website still hosted the documentary history of the Hoover-Truman relationship.  I’d been part of a team that scanned these documents for the web, but I hadn’t noticed that the links were dead.  The … Continue reading Hoover and 20th Century Presidents: Harry Truman