Kicking off a Presidential Campaign — Herbert Hoover’s 1928 Acceptance Speech

On August 11, 1928, Herbert Hoover formally launched his campaign for the Presidency.  That’s not a typo -- yes, the campaign kicked off less than three months before Election Day.  At that time, Presidential candidates were expected to modestly pretend they weren’t running until after the party conventions, though of course their “friends” were working … Continue reading Kicking off a Presidential Campaign — Herbert Hoover’s 1928 Acceptance Speech

Campaign Graphic Novels

High Jacked, Doctored Photographs, and Authentic Speeches from the 1928 Campaign By Thomas F. Schwartz Few people will recognize the name Edward Anthony today.  A writer for major newspapers and popular magazines, his career spanned four decades and included a stint working for Herbert Hoover’s 1928 presidential campaign.  In an entertaining published recollection, This Is … Continue reading Campaign Graphic Novels

Hoover and 20th Century Presidents: Franklin Roosevelt

Picking up a thread dropped months ago, I resume my series on Hoover’s interactions with American Presidents.  Beginning with Franklin Roosevelt, connections get deep.  In fact, there have been book-length explorations of Hoover’s ties to FDR, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower.  Rather than recap them, I suggest that those who want to know the rest … Continue reading Hoover and 20th Century Presidents: Franklin Roosevelt

Political Campaigns and Dirty Tricks

  Dirty tricks in political campaigns are not recent phenomena.  Every American electoral cycle spawns a new reason for candidates to be justifiably paranoid.  Someone is out to get them, or at least to get their political office.  Those closest to the candidate, especially members of their immediate family, sometimes get caught up in the … Continue reading Political Campaigns and Dirty Tricks

Microphone Malfunctions and Campaigns

In the wake of the recent Presidential debate, Republican candidate Donald Trump pointed to a malfunctioning microphone and spotty sound system as one of the reasons his voice was not heard.  This Hoover archivist was reminded of a previous episode of microphone malfeasance and its impact on a Presidential hopeful. The year was 1940.  World … Continue reading Microphone Malfunctions and Campaigns