Christmas in Vienna, 1920 — Part 1: A visit from Santa

The year 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I.  As far as most Americans were concerned, that was the end of the war – the fighting stopped, the doughboys soon came home, and the Versailles Peace Conference concluded an acceptable peace. In much of Europe, the Armistice brought no … Continue reading Christmas in Vienna, 1920 — Part 1: A visit from Santa

Herbert Hoover and American Presidents of the 20th century, Part 3

  This third installment in the saga of Hoover’s ties with American Presidents gets tricky.  Hoover’s connections to Teddy Roosevelt and William Taft were small, self-contained universes which allowed for easy translation into a blog post.  This is not the case with Hoover and Woodrow Wilson.  Their contacts were frequent, their engagement deep, their conjoined … Continue reading Herbert Hoover and American Presidents of the 20th century, Part 3

The Invisible Guest

By Thomas F. Schwartz During the season of goblins, ghosts, witches, vampires, and zombies, “invisible guests” would find themselves among friends.  But invisibility can be the spiteful kind as in H. G. Welles, Invisible Man or something that is not present but felt.  It is the latter that Herbert Hoover evoked in a series of … Continue reading The Invisible Guest

Movie Review – Snow White

Just over 80 years ago, Walt Disney released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first feature length cel animated film, which quickly became both a critical and commercial success.  While still popular today, Snow White may seem somewhat quaint compared with more recent animated films, but at the time it was truly revolutionary.  Nothing … Continue reading Movie Review – Snow White

Thanksgiving Proclamation-Arkansas, 1931

The early 1930s were not good years for Arkansas.  Parts of the state were still struggling to recover from the massive Mississippi River Flood of 1927.  Arkansas was also at the center of a severe drought in 1930 which withered crops in the field, leading to a devastatingly bad harvest.  Crop failures led to widespread … Continue reading Thanksgiving Proclamation-Arkansas, 1931

Stanford-Cal Big Game

  While every region has its natural collegiate rivals in football—think Auburn-Alabama, Michigan-Ohio State, Texas-Oklahoma—only one rivalry comes complete with capital letters.  The Stanford-Cal Big Game [always capitalized by the cognoscenti] dates back to 1892, when Walter Camp coached the Stanford team to a 14-10 victory over their rivals across the bay.  As a student, … Continue reading Stanford-Cal Big Game

From the Herbert Hoover Snark-ives

by Matthew Schaefer During his fifty years of public service, Herbert Hoover wrote at least one million letters.  Carbon copies of these letters constitute the bulk of the Herbert Hoover papers.  Most of the letters from his later years are terse, honed by long practice to speak only to the point. Hoover’s prose in these … Continue reading From the Herbert Hoover Snark-ives

Are You Ready for some Football?—College Coaches’ Mythic Edition

Like millions of Americans, I am captivated by the autumnal pull of college football.  The crisp cool air, the turning leaves, the thump of pad upon pad, the siren call of homecoming at the alma mater all weave their magic. I spend many Saturday hours inside watching the local heroes on the Big-10 network.   … Continue reading Are You Ready for some Football?—College Coaches’ Mythic Edition

Political Campaigns and Dirty Tricks

  Dirty tricks in political campaigns are not recent phenomena.  Every American electoral cycle spawns a new reason for candidates to be justifiably paranoid.  Someone is out to get them, or at least to get their political office.  Those closest to the candidate, especially members of their immediate family, sometimes get caught up in the … Continue reading Political Campaigns and Dirty Tricks